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Adi Boutrous

About the Workshop |

The physical research in my works focuses on touch. The way we touch each other, the way we share a common space and manage it.

The workshop is a meeting of acquaintances with my latest work "Submission." We will work in pairs that will require us to commit ourselves to committing ourselves to the additional body with which we work, and allow us to ask about intimacy, manipulative contact and access to another body.


Date and Location |



DCC Studio 2, 35 st. Shaul Hame'elch, Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Adi Boutrous started his professional dance training at MASPA – Matte Asher School for Performing Arts in Kibbutz Gaaton, followed by two years at the “Maslool – Professional Dance Program” - Tel Aviv-Jaffa. He has performed with a range of Israeli choreographers including Iris Erez, Hillel Kogan, Dana Ruttenberg, Noa Shadur, Rachel Ardos and Bosmat Nossan.

His choreographic works have been performed both in Israel and internationally. He received first prize in the festival “Shades of Dance – 2013” for his work “What Really Makes Me Mad.”

In tandem with his choreographic and performance work, Boutrous is a Vinyls collector and a DJ. His musical expertise focuses on the 70s, and traverses Funk, Turkish, and Reggae, with a specialization in the Latin genre.

A movie/book that inspires you |

Book: Orientalism - Edward Said.

A Quote that accompanies you |

I still think of one.

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