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Lucía Toker

About the Workshop |

We begin by building a sensitive body from consciousness and connection exercises.

We actively observe our body parts, their relationships, our posture, balance, and begin to immerse ourselves in the tissue as the functional connector of our system and to test its connectivity and availability.

We will activate from varied exercises that will make us work with the eccentric tension of the muscular chains, the joint mobility, proprioception, quality of weight shifting and the connection with natural patterns of movement that will be the base of all the technical work to be developed.

We go through all the height levels; standing, squatting, “4 legs” and lying down working each position and their transitions as a dynamic situation putting their functionality at stake.

Ever-wider and more complex movement situations are developed such as floorwork, locomotion, soft acrobatics, dance and partner works. The analysis of the patterns and mechanics of movement, progressions and deconstruction of tricks are always present as the basis and support of this practice.

Through all this process and with the tools that are being deployed we immerse ourselves in the world of exploration and movement research so that each one can integrate, personalize and transform the material.

The technique at the service of freedom and creation.

Date and Location |



DCC Studio 2, 35 st. Shaul Hame'elch, Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Lucia is a dancer, acrobat and movement teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Her deep passion for movement development leads her research as an artist and as a teacher

for more than 10 years.

She developed ANIMALMAN, a movement practice that involves all the experience from the different training of acrobatics disciplines, ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, improvisation and also her studies in rehabilitation, training and therapy techniques, Anatomy, Biology and Physics, among others.

She has been working with the blend of acrobatics and dance and travelled to europe to study Movement Archery and Zen Acrobatics with Tom Weksler founding inspiration and common bases in there work. Through an ongoing dialogue and collaboration Lucia is continuing her research with Movement Archery and Tom.

She has been working all around Argentina giving workshops and professional training and will start to expand her work in an upcoming tour 2018 in Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Israel, among others places.

As a performer Lucia has developed 3 solo dance pieces and worked with different choreographers participating in several Festivals in Buenos Aires.

A movie/book that inspires you |

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A Quote that accompanies you |

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