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Elik Niv

About the Workshop |

The workshop is an in-depth workshop, which constitutes a learning experience in physical and transformative research.
No formal background is required in dance, but one must come up with a background in some movement work
The workshop will deal with:
Parting - movement together, in different ways, moving the partner to movement, proper weight distribution, reading the movement of the partner
Floor work - Using our physical structure to move most efficiently on floor, maintaining energy and energy in motion, entering and exiting the floor from different heights
Accuracy - Separation of muscle groups, manipulation of the right, in pairs and apart
Rhythms - Practice different rhythms and understand their role and effectiveness in movement
Impressionization - the recruitment of rhythms and physical conditions to create qualities of movement and flow between different qualities
Elik about the workshop:
"During the workshop I will convey ideas and worldviews in the movement whose roots are in the martial arts field. We will deal with a lot of pairs work, manipulations, reflexes, traffic conditioning and expanding range of movement, as well as basic rhythms and expression in motion.
In addition we will explore the language we produce in motion, the feelings that physical elements produce and our ability to communicate through this understanding ... "

Date and Location |



DCC Studio 2, 35 st. Shaul Hame'elch, Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Elik studied at the Dancers Training Course at Kibbutz Ga'aton and completed studies at Telma Yellin in Tel Aviv.
After graduating he worked with several choreographers, including Rami Levy, Yossi Tamim, and in various companies such as Da Da Dance, Muza and Vertigo.
In 2005 he moved to Germany and worked with choreographers such as: Mirella Wingarten - The Comish Opera, Club Guy and Roni, Susanna Linke, Nir de Wolf, Total Brutal, Martin Steiferman, Oldenburg Staats Theater.
Since 2009, he has worked with choreographer Constanza Macras / Dorky Park and has also worked as a rehearsal director.
From 2013 he joined as a guest dancer for Sasha Waltz and in 2016 for the Ned Company in Brussels
In addition to his work as a dancer, Elik works as a dance teacher in Israel, Germany, the Venice Biennale and guest teacher in theaters around the world.
Since 2009, Elik has been a soloist at the Doc 11 Theater in Berlin and in 2016 he has produced a work at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin and the Munich Dance Theater Biennale.
In 2017, he joined the the Ned Company in Brussels as an ensemble member under the artistic direction of Jan Lores.
Since 2015 he has been independent and rehearsed in Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Israel.
He teaches dance and movement at the Nissan Nativ Studio, the Performing Arts Workshop in Ga'aton, the Maslool program by Naomi Perlov and Ophir Dagan, at the Tarbut Arts School in Afula, the Kibbutz Dance Company, the Inbal Pinto Dance Company and Avshalom Pollak, Inbal Company, Vertigo, and guest teacher at the Ivonson schools in Munich, Sid in Salzburg, and in Berlin and Paris.

A movie/book that inspires you |

Book - Butterfly by Henri Schreier

A Quote that accompanies you |

Learning takes place from a story, feeling, knowledge and communication with others, experiences that remain in our memory in a physical, emotional and spiritual way, and merge our cognitive development into a whole and cohesive entity " .

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