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Gil Kerer

About the Workshop |

A choreography workshop in which students learn materials and use improvisation on and around the materials.  In the workshop we will examine the possibilities of connecting to the movement from the logical side and the physical understanding of the movement. On the other hand, we will try to deepen the mental, emotional and "non-physical" contents of the choreography and connect them to us as individuals who meet the content. Thus we will try to find a direct connection between experience and body.


Date and Location |



Studio Naim, Salame 46, Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Dancer, creator and dance teacher, born in Pardes Hanna, 1987.
He began to dance at the age of 14 in folklore companies in Pardes Hannah and later in the dance track of Amal Hadera High School.
He began his professional career in the young Kibbutz contemporary Dance Company where he danced for two years.
Over the years he has worked with many independent choreographers, including Rachel Erdos, Nimrod Fried, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Maya Brinner and Dana Rotenberg. In addition, he participated in productions of the Israeli Opera, the Goshen Theater, the Orna Porat Theater and a special production by the artist Anisa Ashkar.
During the years 2009-2011, he danced at the Vertigo Dance Company, directed by Noa Wertheim, where he participated in Noel, Mana, White Noise, the Birth of Phoenix and Vertigo and Diamonds. Gil currently works with the company as a teacher and works in the dance training workshop and as an independent dancer in pieces by Vertigo 20 and Phoenix.
In 2011 he began to create and premiered with the work 'Dive' - solo which he co-created with Anat Tsederbaum. The solo won first place in the choreography competition at the 2011 Dance Festival, and the third place in the choreography contest ILDANCE in Sweden in 2012.
In December 2012 he premiered the piece "Kachalim" as an invitation from the 2012 Machol Shalem Festival and won the EMI Prize for Encouragement of Creativity by AMI for this year.
In the summer of 2014 he premiered the duet "Between Us" at the Dance Theater Festival, which received acclaim from the audience, artistic directors and critics.
In 2015, he was invited to create a trio for Maya Dance Theater from Sienfagor and a solo performance, which was created and premiered in Uruguay.
In 2016, for the first time, he staged a full performance composed of three of his works, with the support of the community Council for Culture and Art. In the year 2017 Gil joined the Choreographers Association, and in June he premiered the duo Nice To Beat You, which was created in collaboration with the dancer Corina Freiman.
Since 2012, Gil's works have appeared in Israel, Croatia, Sweden, France, the Canary Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, New York, Italy, Spain, Russia, Denmark, England, Greece and Uruguay. Gil also participated in master's programs in Israel, Italy, the Canary Islands, Belgium and Uruguay.
Gil also teaches contemporary dance, contact and repertoire.

A book that Inspires Me |

The Lost Teachings of Atlantis


A Quote that Inspires Me |

Know yourself

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