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In-Depth Classes

Ella Ben Aharon

A group of about 10 participants who wish to expand and improve their abilities and to acquire additional knowledge

February 2017

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Ella Ben Aharon

About the workshops |

The lived body / Performative skills

The aim of this workshop is to provide tools to the dancer/creator to excavate different performance qualities that can be used as an integral part of the creative process, as new means of 'cleaning' choreography, as well as a dramaturgic lens that provide a precise meaning to the performance. We will learn a small section from Ella's repertoire and use it as a fertile ground for experiments and revelation of mindful presence in performance. 


Ella Ben-Aharon |

Choreographer, Performer, Movement educator
After dancing with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2, Ella had relocated to the US and lived there 11 years. She holds a BFA in Dance and Production from CalArts and an MFA in Choreography from Jacksonville University, FL. Her choreographies were presented in various dance venues around the world and she was a guest artists in Universities and art centers in the USA, Europe and Israel. Ella explores and develops tools and pathways to encourage phenomenology of performance and enhances the intersubjectivity between the audience and the performers. For a while now she is engaged in dialogues between artists and scientists. She is involved in Orot-Luces, a fund that seeks to change the perception, treatment of cancer. Recently, Ella opened her own Pilates studio in TLV, Studio Naim – MAZE. Ella is curious and eager to connect her creative world with research and therapy.

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In-Depth classes includes:

4 sessions of in-depth workshops (One time) in the span of  February

Included in the VIP Track - 280 NIS per month.

One time class (EA availability) - 80 NIS

*Club Members Only

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