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Inbal Aloni

About the Workshop |

This meeting will invite us to observe and feel the body, body weight, breathing rate, body base, floor and body walls. From there we will move into space.

We will move through structured exercises and improvisation based on various body connections such as the center and edges of the body as well as the head and its .connection to the tail bone and more.

We will invite a benevolent movement that leaves much room for personal expression, using external and internal images with pleasure.


Date and Location |



DCC Studio, 1 Toseret Ha'aretz st., Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

A dancer choreographer and teacher of the release method, improvisation and creativity.

She danced with Vertigo, Inbal Pinto, Noa Dar, Yasmin Goder, and many improvisation ensembles and more..

Founded eight years ago the the Schlombal Workshop, a workshop for improvisation and creative dance.

She studied Shiatsu, Ilan Lev and BMC - Body Mind Centering.

Today, she teaches release technique, improvisation and choreography. Inbal is the mother of Noga, Yam and Anna.

A book or film that Inspires Me |

A movie - the celebration of Babette, and Mary Poppins
Book - Today is not a bride / Chingis Aitmetov
The dandy and dandy

A quote that inspires you |

Rain rain from heaven all day drops of water.
To identify what is there and to submit to helplessness

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