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Iris Erez

About the Workshop |

In the workshop we will play with the idea of space and examine how it exists in our body, whether we choose it or against our will. We will experience personal and group research and together we will try to create alternative spaces.
The workshop is open to dancers and performers and will be based on improvisation and creativity.


Date and Location |



DCC Studio, 1 Toseret Ha'aretz st., Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Iris Erez: Choreographer, dancer and teacher. Has been involved in body and movement for many years. As a dancer she worked with choreographers Anat Danieli, Inbal Pinto, Ronit Ziv, Arkadi Zeides and Yasmin Goder, teaches at the Academy of Music and Dance and at the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem. She has been the Artistic Director of the Machol Shalem Dance Festival in Israel and the Galilee Mountain dancers Festival in 2010. She holds a BA in Psychology and Art and a Certificate in Movement Therapy. In recent years, she has been preoccupied with the physical and emotional aspects of how all these are experienced within the context of our lives. Mother of two sons.

A movie/book that inspires you |

I get the most inspiration from poetry, visual arts and my children. Recently a short story of SY Agnon called "architect and emperor" very thought provoking for me.

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