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Juan Jesús Guiraldi

About the Workshop |

This workshop aims to approach the concepts of space and time related to
movement and the possibilities that emerge when they are combined with
our own body language. We will bring different movement languages (contemporary, urban, parkour, acro, folk) to develop and enrich the
individual research.
We propose a constant state of creation and experimentation where we look
to feel and resignify every moment in space.
Improvisation will be the main axis of the class and our personal universe
will be the means to experiment.


Date and Location |



DCC Studio, 1 Toseret Ha'aretz st., Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Juan Jesús Guiraldi is a dancer, teacher, researcher and director of the artistic platform MOVIMIENTO CONSTANTE. His research has to do with the fusion and experimentation of diverse movement languages such as contemporary, urban, parkour, acro and folk.
He performed with several companies in Argentina and is now performing at Company Two in One, directed by Akos Argitay in Vienna.
He created his own solo “UnDia1” and has performed it at several cities around the world. In 2017, he won the first prize at the ImPulsTanz dance competition "Rhythm is a dancer" in Vienna.
Since 2016 he travels as a researcher and teacher to different countries, such as: South Africa, Spain, France, Ireland, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Austria, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay.

A movie/book that inspires you |

Book - Epistemología del cuerpo en estado de danza (Epistemology of the body in state of dance) - Gustavo Emilio Rosales.

A quote that inspires you |

The end is not the ending, it's door to a new beginning. Something transcends and ignites to live in eternity.

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