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Michael Getman

About the Workshop |

Two serious hours of body play, movement, rhythm, sound, and wild imagination.


Date and Location |



DCC Studio, 1 Toseret Ha'aretz st., Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Choreographer, dancer, workshop facilitator / improvisation / repertoire.

He completed his professional training at the Bat Dor Dance Studio in Tel Aviv.

From 1995 to 2005 he worked as a dancer and experimented with a variety of creative styles and work methods with choreographers Ohad Naharin, Amanda Miller, William Forsythe, Marguerite Donnelon, Michael Schumacher, Katie Duck and Jonathan Burroughs.

Since 2006 he has lived in Israel and works as an independent choreographer.

Michael creates and presents his works in many frameworks and festivals, in Israel and abroad. He also collaborates with the directors of the theater Igor Berezin, Evgeny Mischankin. He examines and is interested in everything related to the body, movement, audio, voice, expression, patterns of thought / behavior, cultural contexts.

Michael conducts workshops for professional and non-professional audiences.

Winner of choreography and performance awards

Cross Connection, Copenhagen Denmark

No Ballet, Ludwigshafen Germany

And with the support of the American-Israel Cultural Foundation, the Rabinowitz Foundation and Mifal Hapayis.

A movie/book that inspires you |

Book: Currently reading the desires of Isaac Bishbis Singer and all sorts of different articles.

Movie: I recently saw Dunkirk and Loveless, both are recommended

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