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Michael Miler

About the Workshop |

Workshop theme - dance, the art of changes and dynamics

In the workshop we will work on several elements:

  • Directions in space and using them to create a feeling

  • Speed as a use of authenticity, a poignant statement and appreciation from the audience

  • Everything happens on stage - how do you use every minute of the work on a work that is based on a lot of movement and less play

  • Do I remember or do I feel?

We will go over challenging materials and after experiencing the inherent difficulty in answering these questions in the context of performing, creating choreography, what concerns me as a creator - or in a dilemma- why I like to make life difficult.

Date and Location |



DCC Studio, 1 Toseret Ha'aretz st., Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Michael Miller, 36, is a graduate of the workshop for dancers training in Haifa

In 2005, he produced his debut "Minimal Common denominator" within the framework of the Machlulot Dance Festival

In 2007, he presented his work "Entropy" of five dancers at the "Gvanim Bamahol"

In 2009, he staged the first full evening - "At the Speed ​​of Light" - this evening included 3 works - "Infom" Solo, which was later performed as a duet, "211/212" - Trio for Goldberg Variations by YS Goldberg. Bach, and "Speed ​​of Light," a work for 8 dancers based on improvisation throughout the work

In 2010, together with "Tel Aviv", he produced "No. 6" for the "Curtain Up" Festival.

In 2011 he created for the first time a full-length performance - "Fly 17" music by Kanye West

In 2017, Miller again created and produced "About Us" in the "Fourth Floor" project, in cooperation with the Fresco Dance Company,

These days he is working on creating a new trio.

Michael loves to create compositions that break apart and make up themselves, like living some internal software.

It is important for me to have an emotionally flowing movement that impacts the viewer to the point of jumping onto the stage and joining the dance.

A quote that inspires you |

"Everything that exists in reality, both good and bad, and even the most evil and harmful in the world, has the right to exist, and it must not be corrupted and completely destroyed." "But we must only correct it and bring it to justice."

(Baal HaSulam, the article of peace in the world)

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