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Oryan Yohanan

About the Workshop |

The workshop will combine practical tools to become professional dancers and dancers through Oryan's rich experience as a dancer and choreographer.

We will talk about body, movement and expression and examine the possibilities of our expression on the wide fan of dance - from artistic and abstract dance to the Fringe theater dance (and everything inbetween...)


Date and Location |



Studio Naim, Salame 46, Tel-Aviv

About the Artist |

Professional dancer and multidisciplinary artist. Winner of the Culture and Sport Minister's Award for a dancer performing 2014. She won the Mia Arbatova Ballet Prize 2002 when she was 16 and in many scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation. Company Cliffa Theater Group. Contemporary dance teacher, ballet, improvisation, repertoire and more. She worked with Rami Be'er - the Kibbutz Dance Company, Sahar Azimi, Idit Herman, the Project Company, Gili Navot, the Israeli Opera, Yoni Sutchi, Michal Herman and many more. Among its works is I-Dare-U, no matter the blood of the world, war room, more or Less is more, sea-land and more. Her latest work, Shoot Me, which was part of the Curtain Up Festival, was inspired by her participation in the reality show "Just Want to Dance", where she qualified for the final.

A Book that Inspires Me |

Writing and reading poetry were always inspiring to me.

A Quote that Inspires Me |

Whatever you want to happen, do it and make it happen.

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