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A territorial opera

Workshop + Show

About the Workshop |

Improvisation and Performance Workshop. We will work around the show "Territorial Opera", created for the "Hazira" Dance Festival. We will experience physical materials from the work, we will practice the way I work with the dancers and in the special way in which they create the show in real time. After the workshop we will see an open rehearsal of the show. Dancers: Or Ashkenazi, Olivia Hield, Tomer Navot, Zuki Ringert. A territorial opera is a work that talks about 'home'. Four dancers, who are in a kind of game I created and I conduct.

The goal of the game is to find a safe and comfortable place to lay your head.

The rules:

1. To decide in real time (they improvise within closed moves in which they were tried in the workshop)
2. Be at home only when someone else decides to do so (each dancer has his own "house")
3. Conquer and mark
4. Commit to drama.


Date and Location |



* Access to the show only is an option
** For details and registration click on the link to register at the bottom of the page

Inbal Pinto's Studio, 7 st. HaAhim Mislavuta, Tel-Aviv

Shlomit Fundaminsky

About the Artist |

Choreographer, deals with improvisation in movement, dancer, dance teacher. She leads dance workshops and performs with her works in Israel and abroad.
Artistic director of the festival "Gvanim" 2015 and 2017 in Suzanne Dellal.
Initiates and manages the "Shlombal" workshop - two years of Release technique, improvisation and performance.
She dances in the improvisation group Octet. She teaches in the choreography track at the Jerusalem Academy. Instructor in a training course for dance teachers, on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Teaching improvisation at the "Fresco Dance Company".
Winner of the Ministry of Education and Culture Prize for a young choreographer; Has received the support of "Encouragement for Creation" by Teva Company. Support from "Mifal Hapayis" and the "America Israel Cultural Foundation".
She holds a BA in Dance from the Kibbutzim College of Education; Physical theater studies at the School of Body Theater. She danced in Noa Dar Dance Group, Nimrod Fried, Orna Porat Theater.

Inspiration for creation |

A territorial opera was built from the interplay of court games, pictures from regional history, Israeli posters and automatic triggers.

A sentence accompanying the work |

Territorial opera: In the space I live in: the house, the street, the neighborhood, the state, there is an opera of voices about who decides? Who marks? Who owns?

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